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Meagan’s Blog

The 4 ‘R’s of the Alexander Technique

You've probably heard of the three Rs. You might know "reading, (w)riting, (a)rithmetic," or perhaps "reduce, reuse, recycle." With the start of the academic year, I was inspired to create my own short list of Rs for the Alexander Technique.1. Rest to Restore...

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The Goggles of Habit

Let's say that one day, you were doing something that required goggles: perhaps painting, woodworking, swimming, or officiating a Nerf battle (yes, this is a real example from my life!)  And let's say that after the activity was over, you didn't take your goggles off....

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Alexander Technique: A Foundational Practice

In my professional life, I’ve been privileged to work in a number of different fields. I teach the Alexander Technique to individuals and groups, I direct a choir, I teach voice, and I’ve done all of those in a range of settings. However, in every one of those...

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