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Meagan’s Blog

The Enemy of the Good

The perfect is the enemy of the good. - Voltaire I was re-introduced to this phrase, paraphrased from a quote of Voltaire, near the end of 2020. In a discussion on social media about process-oriented ways to approach exercise, I was exploring the idea that, while I...

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Dealing with discomfort and change

At the time of writing, we are almost two months into the active fight against the coronavirus in Indiana. We have been asked to change so many features of our daily lives – social distancing at home while working or schooling, taking extra precautions to limit our...

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From Party to Practice

It’s January 2. The holidays are pretty much over. Whether you took two weeks of vacation, like several folks I know, or just had a few days here or there; whether you or your kids are on school break for a few more days, or whether you’re already back at it, this...

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