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Alexander Technique

As a violinist for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the quality of my violin playing and physical health are of the utmost importance. Plagued by a combination of artistic frustration and back pain, and with the endorsement of Alexander Technique from some of the country’s most respected musicians, I decided to reach out to Meagan Johnson for help. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I realize now that I had forgotten what progress looks like. I have been making steady and pronounced improvement. My back pain improved quickly and I am particularly excited about my musical growth. I have gained skills of self- awareness of the habits which get in my way. If you have a problem and you think you understand it, but you still have the problem, you do not understand it. Investigate differently. I am 40 years old now, and I only wish I had done this earlier in life.

During this pandemic, I have continued with online lessons. I was surprised to see how effective they are. My remote participation depends on taking a bit more responsibility for my own understanding of the material. Meagan communicates extremely well, and I appreciate asking questions from the comfort of my own space. I feel more likely under these conditions to bridge the gap between lesson and everyday life. Most of the AT work can still me done remotely and Meagan’s expertise and guidance shines through clearly.

Patrick Dalton-Holmes
Violinist with Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
May 2020

I had the opportunity to take Alexander Technique lessons with Meagan Johnson during my sabbatical in the summer of 2020. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our meetings were completely virtual. Having received benefits from her in-person lessons, I was skeptical that I would be able to learn much without a literal ‘hands-on’ experience.

From the first Zoom lesson, it was obvious that Meagan had the most solid grasp of how to instruct online that I have experienced. Her verbal cues and her ability to articulate how to make subtle changes in the way I use my body was life changing. Meagan has a teacher’s spirit—it is clear that she cares about the progress and well-being of her students on a very deep and elemental level of her being.

Because I was on sabbatical, I had the freedom to meet with her twice a week. I would recommend this type of intense work to anyone that is able to take advantage of it. The use of my body is completely different than it was this spring. I am freer, more in touch with my habits and how to self-direct to change them and, interestingly, in a better mental space, because I have more freedom in my body.

Meagan can meet you wherever your technology can take you, and gives helpful advice and cues in any and all situations. She has watched me play at the keyboard, pick up books, wash dishes, and we even made pie dough and pasta with my tablet against the end of the kitchen wall. Doing these ‘mundane’ kitchen activities really helped me to bring Alexander Technique into my daily life.

I haven’t altered all my habits in my twenty lessons with Meagan. I have, however, created an incredibly strong base to continue to move with freedom and ease no matter the circumstance, and am incredibly thankful for the intensive lessons and experience.

John Allegar
August 2020


I first contacted Meagan a year ago, after having finally decided that 2018 was the year I was finally going to tick “voice training” off my list of resolutions. My voice range was very narrow, which meant that I could never really finish a song (nicely). I wrote to Meagan and made sure I made it clear that I wasn’t expecting any miracles.

She immediately responded to my message and we started our lessons the following week. My first lesson and every single lesson afterwards changed my perception, not only about my voice, my range, and my singing abilities but about the limitless potential and power of the human mind! I saw progress from the first five minutes I spent with Meagan. She is an amazing voice instructor, I have called her on multiple occasions a ‘magician’, because of her ability to spot the problem and to successfully make comments that will immediately fix it. Today, (a year after I started lessons with Meagan) my confidence in my abilities has been boosted by at least 100%. Meagan showed me how to use my body correctly not only for singing purposes but also for public speaking purposes. As an academic, I have learned so much from Meagan about how to present my work with a relaxed body and a clear mind. She is very patient and kind in her remarks and will always respond to “I can’t do it” with “Sure you can!!!” 😊

Meagan’s lessons are so much more than singing lessons, they have absolutely changed my approach towards tackling challenges. I, now, truly believe that with the right guidance, practice and perseverance, there’s nothing the human mind is incapable of. That’s because, after just 1 year of lessons, I can already reach the high notes I could only dream of. Highly recommended!

Salma Taman, LL.M.
January 2019

Meagan’s work with our chorus completely opened them up to a new freedom in singing. I saw an immediate change in their body carriage and posture. The ease with which they sang was completely inspiring to me and has informed my conducting ever since.

Greg Sanders
Artistic Director
Indianapolis Men’s Chorus
March 2018

I can vouch for the quality and effectiveness of Meagan’s work. She taught a class for our organization last summer on Alexander Technique for choral singing and it was very well-received.

Peter Jacobson
Total Vocal Freedom
March 2020

Meagan’s easy-going style and professionalism made for a very engaging 3 hours!

As in many community choirs, our members have varying levels of musical knowledge. One of Meagan’s greatest assets is her ability to teach in a way which neither alienates nor insults those with differing abilities.

Our director implements weekly what we learned through Meagan’s teaching. Our choir has gained a richer, more vibrant sound, and also a boost in pride and possibility.

Calliope Feminist Choir
Athens, OH
January 2015

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