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I’ll be posting articles, musings, and other tidbits relating to the work I do.

So, why “Sound Direction?”

I think of each of the disciplines in which I work as a pillar supporting a roof, or a spoke of an umbrella. My Alexander Technique teaching informs my conducting and my composing, my experiences as a singer influence my perspective on working with Alexander Technique students, my choral, classroom, and voice teaching experience support my workshops. I was struck by the multiple definitions of the two words, and their many intersections:

SOUND (n):

  1. reliable, secure, in good condition, healthy, robust
  2. the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing; a noise, vocalization, musical tone
  3. to determine the depth of some thing


  1. the path or course along which something is moving or pointing
  2. the art and technique of directing (conducting) a musical ensemble
  3. (Alexander Technique) the act of choosing new ways to coordinate thought and movement

So, sound the depths of your own direction: come explore the many directions of sound, or perhaps the soundness of directing, and get moving in a sound direction with lessons or a Sound Direction workshop.