Your voice is one of the deepest and most personal expressions of who you are. When you sing or speak with ease and power, you connect with your own strength and creativity. In learning to free your own, natural voice, you discover the possibilities available to you in each moment. Singing is an activity that truly integrates body, mind, and spirit — and it’s also fun!

With over 15 years experience teaching voice professionally, following degrees in classical voice performance and music education, Meagan’s expertise and love of the learning process help each student thrive vocally and personally. Her post-graduate training as a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique allows her to see each singer holistically, and offers a powerful set of tools to facilitate vocal growth, addressing each person’s voice in the context of their individual goals, body awareness, and personality. For more than a decade, she has been blending the effective embodied mindfulness processes of the Alexander Technique into voice study, crafting custom learning experiences that foster vocal health, strength, and flexibility, and encourage expression and musicianship.

Who Are Lessons For?

Meagan works with voice students of many ages (10 years old and up) and backgrounds, and especially enjoys teaching adult amateur singers — those who sing simply because they want to sing. No prior experience needed, just a willingness to explore, make silly sounds, make beautiful sounds, and dive into the process.

Meagan enthusiastically welcomes transgender and non-binary singers who are looking for vocal support in speech or singing before, during, or after transition.

Whatever your interest in voice study — for fun, to support singing in a chorus, to learn more about yourself, audition for a musical, get ready for open mic night, or sing professionally — Meagan is ready to meet you where you are with a unique perspective that will help you grow as a musician and as a person.

Schedule a Lesson

Individual lessons (in-person and online) provide the greatest opportunity for tailored one-on-one instruction, professional feedback, and vocal growth. Choose from voice study alone, or combine it with instruction in the Alexander Technique for a deep and transformational learning experience.

Schedule a lesson directly  or contact Meagan to learn more about voice lessons.
Group classes, offered from time to time, provide a fun and collaborative space for self-discovery. Check out the current schedule of public classes below, or contact Meagan to organize a class for your community.

Current Schedule of Classes

No group classes currently scheduled for voice. But check out this brand new class for Studio Music Teachers!

Are you a studio music teacher, private lesson instructor, or other educator who works individually or in small groups with musicians? I have a class coming up JUST FOR YOU! 

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If you are interested in group learning opportunities and this doesn’t feel like the right one for you, please reach out! We may be able to put together a class to meet your interests and needs. 

Coming Spring of 2023! Alexander Technique Group Class for Studio Music Teachers.

What People Are Saying

As in many community choirs, our members have varying levels of musical knowledge. One of Meagan’s greatest assets is her ability to teach in a way which neither alienates nor insults those with differing abilities.
Our director implements weekly what we learned through Meagan’s teaching. Our choir has gained a richer, more vibrant sound, and also a boost in pride and possibility.

Calliope Feminist Choir,
Athens, OH, January 2015

“My first lesson and every single lesson afterwards changed my perception, not only about my voice, my range, and my singing abilities but about the limitless potential and power of the human mind! I saw progress from the first five minutes I spent with Meagan. She is an amazing voice instructor, I have called her on multiple occasions a ‘magician’, because of her ability to spot the problem and to successfully make comments that will immediately fix it. Today, (a year after I started lessons with Meagan) my confidence in my abilities has been boosted by at least 100%. Meagan showed me how to use my body correctly not only for singing purposes but also for public speaking purposes. As an academic, I have learned so much from Meagan about how to present my work with a relaxed body and a clear mind. She is very patient and kind in her remarks and will always respond to “I can’t do it” with “Sure you can!!!” 😊

Meagan’s lessons are so much more than singing lessons, they have absolutely changed my approach towards tackling challenges. I, now, truly believe that with the right guidance, practice and perseverance, there’s nothing the human mind is incapable of. That’s because, after just 1 year of lessons, I can already reach the high notes I could only dream of.

Highly recommended!

Salma Taman, LL.M.,
January 2019

Meagan’s work with our chorus completely opened them up to a new freedom in singing. I saw an immediate change in their body carriage and posture. The ease with which they sang was completely inspiring to me and has informed my conducting ever since.

Greg Sanders, Artistic Director, Indianapolis Men’s Chorus, March 2018

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