Education for Transformation

Discover more about yourself through study of the Alexander Technique or Voice. Connect in-person or online, one-on-one or in groups, through lessons, workshops, or consulting.

Alexander Technique

Essential, effective education for ease in every situation. The embodied mindfulness practices learned in study of the Alexander Technique help us choose free and easy movement with a centered and resilient state of being, whether in music, in work, in daily life, or in play.

Meagan Johnson Alexander Technique

Voice Education

In learning to free your own, natural voice, you discover the possibilities available to you in each moment. Your voice is one of the deepest and most personal expressions of who you are. When you sing or speak with ease and power, you connect with your own strength and creativity.

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Workshops and Clinics

Custom presentations and learning opportunities — for your music department, studio, ensemble, school, conference, team, or organization — allow direct and practical application to your field. Learn how a holistic approach, based on principles of embodied mindfulness, can strengthen connections and transform your work.

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I bring an interdisciplinary background and playful, professional desire for discovery to each workshop and clinic situation. My diverse skill-set of experience as a performer, educator, and non-profit leader allows me to bring a perspective of practical mindfulness, creativity, and possibility to your group.


The kind, non-judgmental perspective provided by an expert observer can make all the difference. I bring my educator’s heart and an eye for possibility to consulting in business, educational, non-profit, and performing arts settings.

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Does the way you sit or stand when working have an impact on your effectiveness and mental clarity? Does your business’ practices of goal-setting get in the way of meeting your mission? Discover how embodied mindfulness practices can strengthen and build connections, leading to new possibilities for transformation and growth in the ways that matter most.

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