The last 15 months of pandemic living have affected all of us in profound ways. As the wider world moves onward to something resembling “normal,” we each have the opportunity to choose how we, personally, re-enter and re-center our lives.

Businesses are required to have a “re-opening plan” available to clients…what is your re-opening plan for your Whole Self?

Do you want to go back to exactly how life was before 2020? Or would you like to build more freedom, less stress, more strength, and more possibility into your life?

The Alexander Technique gives us concrete, powerful tools for choice in each moment. You can use these tools to Reopen from Center, bringing forward valuable lessons learned over the last 15 months, and leaving behind the things you don’t want to continue. You can use these tools to engage with your own embodied learning, to unlearn harmful habits, and to stay centered in yourself even as the speed of the world picks up again.

The Reopen from Center group class series will introduce you to the basic principles and tools of the Alexander Technique, including simple but powerful processes for centering, awareness, and ease in stressful moments. By the end of the series, you will have begun to craft your own Reopening Plan, incorporating your own choices about how you want to move into the next phase of life with tools learned in the class. This group offering allows you to learn in supportive community, whether this is your first experience with the Alexander Technique, or want to refresh and deepen your understanding.

Classes will last 75 minutes (7-8:15PM EDT), and meet twice a month on weekday evenings in June and July, 2021.

In-person classes will meet four times on Tuesday evenings at 4550 Central Ave. Indianapolis. Class dates: June 8, June 22, July 6, July 20. Class limit: 10

Online classes will meet synchronously four times on Monday evenings, using Zoom. Class dates: June 7, June 21, July 5, July 19. Class limit: 10.

Tuition: $170 (payable at or before your first class.)

Reserve your spot by contacting Meagan or directly on (Choose “Classes” and register for the first class session to reserve your spot in the series.)