The Balance Arts Center in New York is offering an online/live class, “Freedom for Actors,” this spring. Check out the details at I will be participating as a local resource teacher for private lessons – you receive a 30% discount coupon as part of your registration for the course.

This course is focused for actors, teachers of acting, and coaches. Here’s why it’s going to be great:

  • It allows actors to be introduced to the Alexander Technique in the context of movement, voice, acting, and performing
  • It allows actors to deepen their study of the Alexander Technique and how it directly relates to their craft
  • It gives coaches, movement and voice teachers information to add to their toolbox when working with actors
  • While the course is online, in-person contact with an Alexander Technique teacher is vital, and I’ll be providing that on the ground here in central Indiana.

Please be in touch to book your lesson. I look forward to working with you!