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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I study Alexander Technique if I’m not a musician or singer?
Yes! The Alexander Technique offers skills of embodied mindfulness that work for anyone in their daily lives, no matter their occupation, career field, daily work, age, or interests. Study of the Alexander Technique can lead to improvements in posture, helps reduce stress, encourages free movement without strain, supports people living with Parkinson’s (as well as their caregivers), and has been shown to offer relief from chronic pain, such as lower back and neck pain. Beyond the “body,” though, these skills help us to practice presence, to experience our own creativity, and address the challenges and stresses of life with more grace and ease.
How much do lessons or classes cost?
Studying voice and/or the Alexander Technique is an investment in self-discovery and transformation. Lessons and classes can be purchased individually, or as a monthly package or series. Please contact me for my current lesson and class pricing.
How many lessons will I need to take to notice results?

Every student is unique and starting in a different place, so it is impossible to say how many lessons you will need to get to where you want to go.

Consider this analogy: How many lessons would you need to learn to play a musical instrument? It depends how proficient you wish to become. When you study Alexander Technique, you are, in a sense, learning to play the “instrument” of your whole self, body, mind, and spirit. Peer-reviewed research has evaluated lengths of instruction ranging from six lessons (a basic introduction) to 24 lessons (which showed even greater change and improvement). Some individuals take a series of six lessons and then stop, coming back for “refreshers” every now and then. Some study continuously, weekly or every other week, noticing growth and improvement the longer they stay with the practice.

Voice lessons are similar — your whole self is your instrument when you sing! What do you wish to learn? What would you like to be able to do in your singing that you can’t do now? How would you like to grow? These questions will determine how you decide to engage in voice study on a short-term or on-going basis.

Whether you take six lessons, 26 lessons, or study indefinitely as a self-care and personal growth practice, you will learn new things about yourself. The more you discover, the more connections you will make, and the more transformation is possible for you!

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