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Wellbeing doesn’t have to be an afterthought. 

You can put wellbeing at the center of everything you do, building ease, strength, mindfulness, & possibility into the process of your everyday life. 

The tools of the Alexander Technique support you in choosing wellbeing, in all your work & play. 

Meagan Johnson offers private lessons, group learning, workshops, and consulting in the Alexander Technique and Voice: the intersection of embodied mindfulness, creativity, and wholeness.

Discover. Connect. Transform.

The Alexander Technique

Effective, essential education for ease in every situation. The Alexander Technique is embodied mindfulness for your daily life.
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Voice Education

Experience your own unique, natural voice — in speaking or singing — with power and freedom.
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About Meagan

Dynamic, interdisciplinary artist educator with more than 15 years experience teaching Alexander Technique and Voice to individuals and groups.
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Dig deeper into ideas that inspire the learning process. Reflections from Meagan about the intersection of AT, voice, and the world.
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Curated listing of books, websites, videos, and audio content to further your study.
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Studio Philosophy

Meagan Johnson Studio is for all who want to learn to use their voices more freely, for those who want to feel better in their bodies, for those who are interested in deep personal growth, and for those who want all of the above.

Emphasizing process and play, students discover how the use of the whole body influences the mind and the voice. Meagan guides you to make connections between body awareness, mindfulness, attention, and creativity. You experience the possibility of each moment, and the awaiting opportunities for vocal, physical, and self-transformation.

We learn best when we are given space to show up in our wholeness, and to understand ourselves in a non-compartmentalized way. A dynamic, interdisciplinary teacher, Meagan encourages holistic learning, even when focused toward a particular activity (such as singing, playing an instrument, improving walking gait, or gardening).

All are welcome! This includes all races, colors, religions, sexes, gender identities or expressions, sexual orientations, national origins, genetics, body types, abilities (visible and invisible), ages, immigrant statuses, and economic statuses.

Together: We discover. We connect. We transform.


From the first Zoom lesson, it was obvious that Meagan had the most solid grasp of how to instruct online that I have experienced. Her verbal cues and her ability to articulate how to make subtle changes in the way I use my body was life changing. Meagan has a teacher’s spirit—it is clear that she cares about the progress and well-being of her students on a very deep and elemental level of her being.

John Allegar, D.M.A
August 2020

My first lesson and every single lesson afterwards changed my perception, not only about my voice, my range, and my singing abilities but about the limitless potential and power of the human mind! I saw progress from the first five minutes I spent with Meagan. Today, my confidence in my abilities has been boosted by at least 100%. Meagan showed me how to use my body correctly not only for singing purposes but also for public speaking purposes. As an academic, I have learned so much from Meagan about how to present my work with a relaxed body and a clear mind.

Salma S. Taman, LL.M
January 2019

Meagan’s work with our chorus completely opened them up to a new freedom in singing. I saw an immediate change in their body carriage and posture. The ease with which they sang was completely inspiring to me and has informed my conducting ever since.

Greg Sanders
Artistic Director
Indianapolis Men’s Chorus
March 2018

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